A day before deletion

My queen suffers from a severe kind of morning sickness. She called for her ladies in the darkest full moon night. Rumours go that another dream has died in her, without warning. The girls found the sheets in a mess.
She does not dare to let them call for the king. 
”He is too far away and could not help anyway. Let’s not worry him when he has more important matters of war to arrange.” 
That are her words to me when I mention his name or when I dust his painting in the hall.
But what good is it when two lovers fight for the same kingdom and yet pass on in loneliness of true hearts?

Deletion day

I climb behind boxes, cardboard and bags. I could not see it for the last two months but today it will find a way back into my bedroom, not leaning against a little mirror but standing behind my bedside table lamp. Then I am not forced to look at it every morning but only when I turn my head…the hands coming out of the shadows into a bright ellipse.
Still I marvel at how far it has traveled, only accompanied by a mostly blank sheet of paper.

A day after

Few lines shimmer through the canvas where the letter is now tucked into the corners.

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