I am drafted!
My mantra for today and lately: I only exist for drafts.

Surprisingly my poetry walks alone since I have been to London, one stanza every day.

Yes, it finally learned walking.
very proud of it.
Though the stanza by stanza system ruins a bit the overall view onto one specific moment, which I want to write about.

That is why I sit here now…have to send (at least) two poems around tomorrow…and still only have four totally different stanzas.
Good stanzas by the way (I hope)
Only listening to some long gone music.
The experimenting with words is really lots of fun…although my fun lately limited to cuddling with lots of tissues and trying to get out the slime in my throat……(will spare you any more details)
Unbelievable how much one can learn in one week about poetry.

Before, I was so scared I could write too simple, as I surely wanted to keep a certain standard…until I now understood that poetry is in our daily life…the scenes we describe with words whatever is in front of us…poets pick it up and show their view (and now don’t tell me that is romantic, because it is…one romantic aspect that will ever stay)
I feel so much home here that I started writing about places and using street/place names.

I even started drinking bitter lemon, who knows what that information is good for.

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