A mission almost incomprehensible

While the world outside is trying to dumb me down to their level – unsuccessful,
the world inside seeks more in the warm summer evenings.

Coccyx – the final vertebra – better known as tailbone –
the distinction between human and ape (though both have got one)

A crow calls me when I get out the car. A reminder of death passing by, just to say hello and never stay for very long.

It can’t be me you are looking for. I have long gone, with the true reality that I am destined for.

And so has the peacock. Gone. As if it knew what would happen – that I won’t be here for much longer. (Males have a sense for the presence of the opposite sex.)

This is a long way from my chilly Russian gene pole. But, then perhaps the kind of music I put on in the car wasn’t what one should listen to on late afternoons. Once on the patio, Richard Dawkin’s writing style is proven to be much too simple and arrogant to capture my imagination…very similar to my very own style ten years ago – or he was trying to keep it simple for the average majority?

Well, finding a good book in a cheap book sale isn’t always as fruitful as some other discoveries I made around paper – despite the fear of devaluing this art form.

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