A public outcry

Did you ever notice how hard it is to go shopping when you long for someone?
Every face, every other gesture seems to speak with the voice of your loved one. 
Even when I see superman or a photographer’s art, a mount of cows, or an onion, or oranges or any kind of art, the heart of mine drops.
Not to mention the underwear shops you cannot walk by without thinking of intimacy.
Any kind of intimacy hurts these days.
The love is not gone!….perhaps that is why it shall linger on for so much longer than I now can imagine… – in my completely detached moments I can see how pitiful my loyal heart is –
Maybe I was too naive to believe a married man would leave the comfort that marriage and having a family brings to him but I still like to believe that there is more than this, that it is all much more complicated (which it usually anyway is). I like to believe that words and love are the two things that can stand strong above any worldly battle.
Circumstance, so merciless you are!
A lesson you teach, no man could ever tell.
There are only ever exactly two things that can fight circumstance: 1. death and 2. time – (well, yes death is part of time but more towards the end)
I know it is heartless not to think of all the hungry African children (sad but unfortunately the culture’s own fault brought them such misery) but the only thing that does not let me be at peace is when I know and think my loved one is in trouble – hmmm the letter sequence, trouble, does not quite express it, huh? – and it is good that way because it lets me know that I am a very passionate human after all.

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