Abraxas or The Loss of It

Now they have certainly lost it.

What is it?

Not only Stephen King fans are right to wonder at a glance.

An official version by not so official sources justifies the decision as a ‘crackdown on food labels’: the word “veggy burger” to be replaced with something more creative.
First political recommendations: “veggie disc”.

The EU seeking to control the names of veggy produce must have caused absolute disbelief in the vegetarian and vegan world.
In business one would say, they put their time into the wasteful creation of a solution for the lack of a problem.

As linguist (or letterist – some passionate about their meat nouns) labeling an object derived from an original idea requires reference. That’s why language has naturally developed a lot more terms for the purpose of distinction (perhaps in order to avoid extinction)…
adjectives kindly identify a noun much closer to consumer needs, separate the bones from the meat.

And there is no excuse… even the French language retains adjectives.

While one’s tummy, and inquisitive instincts, care little about what labels provide satisfaction, a level higher up the Maslow pyramid, such feeble attempt of controlling European languages will have far-reaching consequences on evolution – with or without meat.

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