Alterations down to the core

This morning will be my last breakfast in bed for a while.
I still marvel at how suddenly every piece falls into place. And changes come swiftly without asking for my permission. Even down to my skirts.
Some take it lightly, and some…well, on Friday I had my mother on the phone and indeed good that I didn’t actually see her cry. Not due to the changes currently occurring in my life but the changes brought about by my brother. I guess as a mother you take everything so serious when you carried a baby for nine months and then see him grow for another 23 years. My calming words, explanatory of motives and on an emotional level, stuck in her wall of ice. The rest was a familiar silence.

A few more weeks will pass until we all have learned to live with the unusual circumstances.
Spring has arrived in Germany, and without a doubt the air here also forebodes warmer times. Thanks to the birds.
Even I await the new life with great excitement, and uncertainty. That’s why, no matter how much I would love to…, I rather try to find my own two feet first before I can dance with someone (metaphorically spoken). Someone out there may forgive my coward instincts.

For those who struggle with the change – or simply have no clue what I am talking about – here is the OED word of the day: sthenic (‘of or having a high or excessive level of strength and energy’)

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