Another Pleasure

In the last twelve hours I had the ‘pleasure’ to listen to something like “It’s because you never cough properly” or “I knew you have hepatitis C.”

I really couldn’t believe a member of my family actually said that…then she carried on ranting about my “moldy household” and “the ancient buildings”. Something like that, some call mother.

After another appointment with a doctor even more follow-up appointments, the realisation that it may not be asthma and an ECG to follow next week. One may falsely think me fragile…

In Georgian times, I learn this evening, men believed in marriage preventing you from committing a sin. Before this came up on the telly today I spent some time thinking about this in the morning. In some early day dreaming a plane crossed the Thames with a ribbon with giant letters in white reading…

If we fall in love then I shall marry you

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