Balancing Passions – or the Act of Balancing Anything Else

For those wanting to get into the Christmas mood I recommend the latest issue of the British Medical Journal, with the most enlightening scientific discoveries in “sex differences in idiotic behaviour” or – who would have thought – one of surgeons’ favourite songs is “Wake me up before you go go” (I see the sarcasm in this, do you?).

Fighting a little bit of both and my/Self, the Truth always unravels in a phenomenal way. There has been a long sequence of thought, on rainy days, miles of running and visual effects in nature.

Just in the light of…Talente finden Lösungen, Genies entdecken Probleme (Hans Krailsheimer)

Problems facing me will be no different from anywhere else; they – and their creators – are a parasite in the root of society (perhaps a more radical Kant would have taken these words into account), regardless of a job, a shopping spree or baking channels desperately correcting mistakes how you not place star-shaped biscuits in the oven.

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