Beloved Fertility

When my brother spoke – with a firm conviction that I had never seen in him before – of having a child with thirty, it did not only remind me that he had grown up just so fast but it made it obvious that my termination had impacted not only on my parents but drawn a wider circle of thinking.
Ripples that went through my gene pole.

As a millennial, with just the right child bearing age, you inevitably think about the impossible, though do you think about the consequences? Or have I felt them too deeply?

Women are not supposed to speak of their reason for not wanting to fulfill their natural instincts while they are still fertile.

There are reasons. Love over lust, remorse over regret.

Perhaps even this illusionary biological clock that earlier generations used to increase our population – or simply keep women away from the job market. While each woman can make an informed decision in our ever more digital world, each of them cannot avoid the typical myth around children: cute with big blue eyes, watching them grow into a piece of yourself (okay, a shared piece, nonetheless a little copy of you).

While social convention dictates that marriage and a bunch of kids are a crucial element in a
human life (or rather the life of a woman – and yes, even is what separates the women from the housewives), is it not better to be happy with yourself, be curious and explore, and then hand this genuine maturity down to your children at a later stage in life.

Confront reality, avoid it if you can.

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