Born to be alive

The disparity between reality and mind has taken its toll on me.
The new pope asked for the most random thing requested ever: world peace
I took a deep breath and walked through the curtain. A disapproving look from my mother.
Today I fulfilled the compulsory visit to the asylum of the insane. Unlike Alice in Resident Evil I was humbly dressed in a mini dress… not shorts.
A situation nonetheless the same.
All the more zombies.

How the mind-less celebrate Christmas? It doesn’t exist.
A world not empty, only disconnected from our own. Links never to be restored. You never know before what phrase she will repeat today.

“They are coming.”

Sad is only that they will never see again.
Pity I only have for my family, myself and those who have the unfortunate destiny with my genetic heritage.

Founded in 1350, the home is a beautiful old building in a light apricot colour. It might as well be a school, not too different from the surrounding area.
Right behind the building there is a door with the house number 13, a dentist, a facade with green windows and a psychiatrist specialising in addictions. What can I say: an ideal environment.

*Not long after I finished this piece the water poured down. The grounds sigh with relief.
Refreshing in these mild temperatures.
For the final act…darkness breaks over us…into the room round the corner where you can hear a feminine voice saying I shall always be lonely… in the sweetest German accent… the last unicorn.
What is my mysterious love sickness to dementia… equal to a bacteria and HIV.

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