Consternation over the Mango

Looking back in time always has something so magical, disturbing and revealing. You can’t avert your gaze yet understand little of what has happened in all these years.

It wasn’t quite magic or alchemy that made me look at some of my older blog posts again. One in particular still moves me beyond any reasoning: the disappearance of the giant, fake mango in 2014. Sure as a marketing ploy it was ingenious though not terribly easy when it comes to logistics.
For the Australians, the kidnapping of their giant fruit meant asking for a scandal – Mango Gate – any large glass fibre structure of such a size would be missed without a doubt. And after all, it’s a matter of local pride.

But where is the mango now, I hear you think.

As the body is made of plastic and therefore (luckily) not recyclable, you can still visit it today – in the same spot by the tourist information in Bowen, Queensland Australia, where it returned to 5 years ago.

Besides all the consternation over the mango, I am gently glad it did not end up as part of a giant fruit bowl.

P.s. Of course Bowen’s Big Mango has its own Facebook page where you can see CCTV footage of the theft.

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