The Disappearing Bone

&… a vulture wrongly settled

The wonderment of modernity allows to reach beyond the greater knowledge of our times – albeit not yet down the darkness of a black hole in order to discover what all matter is made of – not just what we deem alive.

And while the dark in the far distance is still out of reach for genius and alike, there are things right in front of our eyes, or under your kneecaps.

For a century we had thought this little bone to be gone from our skeleton, without a trace as sacrifice for greater energy input. Just like in spring, a new study into this mysterious part of our body has discovered that the majority of man have this little bone in their knee, 80% should even be able to feel it.

One may argue for genetic purposes and evolution, though some believe devolution might be the case here, with this little knee bone being fully present in monkeys and our ancestors.
Very unlike science, first speculations are based on modern lifestyle such as eating habits, the fact that our bones have grown longer seen across the globe and with this our skeletal structure needs more support.

As part of lifestyle we couldn’t be further away than that of a monkey (even fruit has nearly disappeared from our diet) and therefore we are left with the void of an answer possibly known.

…Strictly observed on the other side of Europe

Reports of a vulture have emerged. Setting off from Bulgaria with a tracking device, this large bird of prey is structurally not made for distance flying and needs regular breaks. Quite unfortunate that this one landed in amongst the chaos of the Yemeni war zone, was taken hostage and put on trial for spying.

A number of birds have been used for areal investigations in the past, when on alert or even in peace times. So there is little surprise with increased tension.
In this instance, animals have the greater luck not being able to communicate the way humans do and are spared torture (not scientifically proven)

Returning to its flight path and back to the conservationist who can’t wait for the data.

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