Exile is only mine

I entertain myself in my self made exile…playing the innocent (wo)man…maybe I do know now where I belong to.
After a talk with my brother this afternoon and him saying ”yes you see how much can happen in such a short time”. I thought of the past two and a half months again. And I wished he could understand what this short time meant to me…it made me free (says the exiled). But right now I am more happy when they understand each other…mostly referring to my mother who behaves like an offended child cause my brother (20 now) doesnt behave just like she wants. I cannot help them as much as usual, cause of the dreams. Who knows why I actually was able to cook…could not even walk straight…but how could you when there are pictures in your way.
I got scissors which are called Fiskars (stainless steal from Finland…probably meaning something like fisher). It still got plaster with my name in my mother’s handwriting on. Must be still left from the time when I got it…in primary school…sixteen years ago.
Been reading about mythology all day…it might offer enough for my final dissertation…not only Greek but from all over the world.
By the way, jam doughnuts taste as good here as anywhere else.

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