On the extraordinary dynamics of play

child in its essence is complex, and yet it is not so.
Ruthless, proud, pure. Their game in itself is creative and imaginative
[No losers in fate] is quite liberal to all and devoid of any goal
other than pleasure in time; countless repeats enhance this inexperienced
taste for want;

they know nothing of will not.
All is possible to those who are yet free.

Adults, so learn, to Mozart’s touch, discover what adventure is. Although
they believe greater age means higher stakes. Falsely, for a life valuable to one’s own identity, there must be unadulterated honesty for what is lived, and
equally all involved desires.

“Yes, some people underestimate Mozart because it’s not
as ‘technically demanding’ as Tchaikovsky
or Bach, but in actuality it is
just as hard to play.”


For many still bound to traditions, and the promised life for our heart to the one who owns us as responsibility, understand there are other ways } who live flexibility truthfully in their connections – intellectual, physical, creative – build a new lifestyle lifting all weight of their own freedom from those loved.

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