Fall in love…today…with me

Ah, what can I say to you, world?

It is a sunny day, indeed. I feel jolly because of the heavy yellow crescent moon I saw yesterday evening.

One may dare say it is a day precious enough to fall in love.
Oh…here a tune for you to share a feeling with me.
And now it is time for the outside world. Another job application has to be dropped off by the post hmmm how much I miss writing a true letter. Luckily my handwriting did not suffer because of the endless journal entries……….sigh….one day…

For now…I dream with the passionate woman of the book I read…carry on with the cross stitching…on a bench at the pier (if it is not too windy)

…afterwards…a walk by the sea…yesterday the heat almost sat on the surface of all waves…so flattened they were.

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