Fears over the end of Philosophia

Albrecht Dürer, Philosophia, woodcut

Right, I won’t mention at this point that I have done some “competitor” research, and once more I found academia in its full swing – from philosophers looking for a job at universities (and yes you would be amazed to know how many poor philosophy students actually apply for a second class job, which surely excludes half of the truly important questions) to writers you think you may have been Christians in a past life.

Wait, have I missed something here? Since when has Philosophy become this blurry. The last time I checked Philosophy was about the vital questions in life – maybe we have exhausted them already (Don’t frighten me!). This cannot be the way to save our morals from the over looming gloom so perfectly presented by the media.

*In the image by Dürer you can see four rather famous men (Plato, Ptolemy, Cicero or Virgil, Albertus [Magnus]) who represent Greek philosophers, Egyptian priests, Roman poets and orators and German wise men. In each of the corners, the four personified winds are the four cardinal points, elements and temperaments associated with them.

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