Finally saw the cliffs of Dover

It took me a bit to get up but when I was on the way to Dover, I did not regret anything. The weather was perfect; the bus trip just made me think of my future in Britain: things like a work permit, the citizenship (test) and taxes.
For today I only had a genius day…only Dover castle and me and the sea.
Okay, the way up there I would never recommend, yet the view was promising. And indeed the weather was so clear I could see the French coast. No lie. I could see the cliffs of France’s coast.
I uploaded some pictures, guess there the coast is a tiny shadow.
Hmmm when was the moment I thought no one would get me away from here anymore…not even in death. I suppose that was when I walked along the sea promenade, looked back up to the castle with its white cliffs and then went down to the sea and stroked the water.

Tomorrow we got at least some study things to do. I am still waiting for my dictionary and thesaurus (my work instruments) and till they reach here I am bound to only ideas and not full poems.
Probably I have whole Friday again for traveling around. Next on my list is Walmer castle (north of Dover) with its amazing gardens.
Unfortunately, I stuff myself so full with information and impressions that I cant follow my own thoughts anymore. I cannot work in the impressions (maybe to transfer them into poetry).
All the time I had to remember my dreams and looked out carefully if I recognize anything. Nothing.
I realized that I will not find anything here when I opened the English Heritage guide for the first time and it was the page about Berry Pomeroy Castle. Just that it is really far (and therefore expensive) traveling there. To find out more about myself I will need to spend this money and time. Surely in spring. I fear how I will react on seeing this place…
Today there were short moments I almost cried due to this excessive happiness of feeling home.
But with Berry Pomeroy Castle it is different…it is much more part of me….like another city in my dreams equally structured like every British city with a castle: the castle on top of a hill and the city around…I remember its harbour and a street going up a hill…I even been in a house in that street….well, however, I will let you know when I found the place of my dreams.
Now enjoy the pictures in my photo album.
Good Night Angelz

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