I must be diabetic

Why would anyone creative bother with writing hundred pages?! It is either world war or civil war. The human race is not made for peace…or rather life without ambition, let alone without competition.

And there it was again…
A ridiculous sign of fate which I didn’t look for..and this time I didn’t even had to get out of bed for.
I was half way through with the French book (easy read; not merely more was to be expected from a French…) that suddenly a faded grey bus ticket fell out of it. With my usual careful attention to detail I inspected it. Route 58. Adult single. £0.70 on 20/05/2000. Hmmm it had survived for thirteen years just to read me its advertisement message on the back “It’s the biggest job in London. YOU choose who gets it.”
No mentioning of the advertiser or what it refers to. 

Only a Londoner from that time would know.
Sounds like something out there is determined to guide me.
Failure is only for non-believers.

Exactly four pieces of chocolate after a hot day in the sun it took me to think I am the born leader. However the sour taste of garlic bread makes defeat in my thought world sweet. Probably two thirds aware of Germany’s future have thought so. Not that it is a possibility when mum said in her sleep delirious plumpness “Why dont you come back to Germany”.
That was when I already walked half a mile along the beach and I already stood in front of Walmer castle with its glorious gardens. 

She annoyed me; her short sightedness that they both never realized my potential.

For tonight I recommend Green Day-Kill the DJ
I am off to tikka masala with fake veggy steak style strips, rice and naan…and the Kent on Sunday.

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