If only love was a keyhole…

Dear F

I noticed that, lately, I dream more of your physicality than of your name. It was different this morning… between nine and ten am. Although everything was different in this dream…
It must have been a house near the sea and there was a door towards the ocean…when I looked through the keyhole I saw our conversation but when I opened the door I saw the cliffs and sharks and lots of other fish.

So what does the child in me do?

Yep, get a screw driver and unscrew the door handle…twelve screws (each for one year?). The first few screws I could twist off in silence but then a class of some thirty children came in and wanted to look through the door. (As if sharks having lunch is so impressive…) After some other child tried to attack me with another screw driver I could not finish ”the job” and I woke up.
Having my morning tea, I were dancing.
Your invisible presence watched me.
I enjoyed that the blueberry taste felt so much more intensive on my lips.

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