Inner strength, you should try it

After my last blog post I got mail…from the two people spoken about (No sorry, neither of them was Umberto Eco).
My perspective obviously causes a lot of hatred…strangely directed towards me. I only carry into my words what people told me, and what was done to me [”saith the fool”]
What you do with the words of others is everyone’s own ”problem”.
And if you don’t like it, it can be as simple as that: Do not read it.
Note to F: I do not know how you knew (experience….) but, okay, he didn’t love me. 
And lines like ”You have lost, little girl.” proved it already long ago.
How much cruelty, hate (or alcohol) you must have inside you (heart or liver) to actually say or write things like that. Well, I knew all that before, occasionally they prove it to me.
Faithfully that is what spam filters are good for and as curiosity kills the cat, I immediately delete certain emails as well…..and…..I have seen a tiger in my last dream. 
What a beautiful animal it was…again some woman chased me (that’s the moment to think, I know) down a hill…to a beach where a tiger was free going around. We somehow ran towards each other and by the time the woman behind me stopped out of fear I stepped forwards, the tiger slowly sniffing me. I point towards the woman, the tiger raises its head and I keep running on to the beach where an older lady is just about to enter the waters – Maybe I have watched too much about the health programm yesterday. It was about salt in water and how it helps to heal.
I woke with a heavy body knowing that whatever chases me these days does not hurt me. Doesn’t mean I go cuddling with white tigers, just that I am stronger.
Ah, inner strength is the best way to survive!

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