Learn, then live

How I got into this mood, between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Hear for yourself….

Ed Sheeran – I see Fire

However, my ultimate insanity is never giving in. Yesterday I sat on my favourite bridge following the river forcing its way inland. Some tourists dropped their sleeping bag in the water, high tides, others though simply got onto the train to Ramsgate. Children appeared with lots of noise and at the same time faded into distance. I walked by the field where I imagined making love in the morning. The weeds are not high enough yet though.

What a wasteland amongst the family and their picnic by the roadside and the paddocks by the sea. I can only think of the disappearance of the fish as a bad omen, due to the flood. Still the grounds were so dry, in and out of the sun.

High before the day even started, with a new anti-histamine for an allergy I don’t know I have. Blood test scheduled for Wednesday morning, probably with the nurse who lives three doors down from me. The good thing about being a writer is you have an excuse to sit basically everywhere you like, even after the train left without you. All it ever takes is a pen and paper (barely two months and in need of a new diary already, so much to think).

Perhaps I’ll subscribe to the New Scientist again, just to make someone laugh when I explain the details of vagina reconstruction.
How not everyone has this urge to learn something new everyday I cannot comprehend…

Jakubi – Can’t afford it all

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