Low & high frequented appreciation

Why being a writer can be so hard at times?
When it comes to straight words, like in essays.
Maybe just as hard as finding a quiet place in library today. It’s sunny; people should be outside and not spreading their awful high and low frequencies in library.
Ending up in the last corner…surrounded by physic books: astrophysics to be precise.
But what disturbs me (only when I look at it) is a book I can see through the windows…Moral Panics and the Media. Isn’t that an irritating title already?!
I should do some more writing poetry …eww lots of -ing forms today… for the poetry award deadline in two weeks. Although it is really a pain in….somewhere….when you just been writing about a poet who succeeded already: writing 18 books in 30 years might be seen as success (or insanity) and you still wait for all these publications – or at least some public appreciation & serious criticism.

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