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Is it true?
Is it true that you never point out the shadows to another for the shadow is your own after all? And why would we be afraid of our own shadow… or is it a matter of what’s so close to one’s own eyes cannot be trapped.

If we cant capture darkness on the level it was created, how much worth are Rumi’s words then: “The cure for pain is in the pain.” – a lesson taught by a traveller I once passed.
When we lightly approach this philosophy, on a stormy Sunday morning, it may be too late… The shadows gone yet they shall return (unintentional rhyme here).
Reveling endlessly in one’s pain doesn’t sound like an option to salvation – and let’s be honest… most people aren’t really after a cure, just the attention given to their ego for a moment – so does this discount Rumi as a possible solution to an unknown problem.

Try another quote: “Know thy enemy better than you know thyself.” I cant remember for the moment who gave us this wisdom but it is not unjustified.
If pain, physical and emotional, becomes an enemy surely we need to explore the depth of it to understand its causes (or do we always leave such matters to our physicians and shrinks).

Not only does it give us a rare chance to connect with ourselves – if only for the sake of the negative – but understand how we function, individual in our own ways.

Exploring our own gravity is part of our responsibility of being human; such capacity has the possibility of being an opportunity to reach beyond the physical, enter the mind-spirit level.

… sorry Kant, you missed out on the metaphysical here

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