Myth: really the dream of humankind – or a pretended perfect story?

Much quicker than last term, I can leave my topic behind and carry on with something more philosophical (no doubt there is philosophy in architecture…still…).
So, I started to think about what makes a myth? Could anyone create it? And if so, how could I (as a writer) could do this?
Three months to answer all the questions and write thirty poems about them is truly little.
There is a ”myth brainstorming machine” which says for a myth you just need a setting, a monster and a god(dess). A rather tiny skeleton. There are three settings available: the sea, a volcano and a cave hmm and some gods of Greek, Chinese, Mayan and Indian faith. Unfortunately you could only choose between two monsters: a cyclops and the hydra and of course now your god has to do something with the monster; clicked the effect button and suddenly my god fights the monster, watches it or just triumphs over its death. And then you could write your myth.
Of course, Greek myths are a lot more…complex, and sometimes the god is the monster punishing the human victims (with their ignorance and naivety).
I just remember Homer with his Iliad and Odyssey, just fantasy? or does only the setting make it feel so much closer to us? But then what about culture crossing myths?
I decided when I’m in Germany again I got to watch some movies about Russian myth, I still remember Baba Jaga with her chicken-legged house.

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