Re-cap 23rd June – Not the “B”-word again

Democracy is not always just, let alone fair. It is simply a concept that allows everyone in a group to voice his opinion, and this opinion can be overruled by the majority of people.
That’s simply how secularism forms in modern society.

The results may spark a beginning of one or two chances but the end of many, many historic traditions. No doubt Scotland now has a better (justified) reason to split from its un-beloved neighbour, and while bankers tried to help the pound as far as they could into the night, optimism in finance hardly ever pays off.

After a nightmare of my mother, I got out of bed on the window side, and just as you would expect half five in the morning, everything in this area was devoid of life, besides the humming sound of the motorway in the distance. The sun rising on the other side of the estate.

UKIP declared independence day by 4am and half an hour later the Guardian published a pre-dated article about what will happen by 7am. The Prime Minister had true hope but his people must have simply disappointed him.

Who hasn’t lost faith in democracy by 7.30am, has not realised the extend of what they have done yet. Let’s just hope the uneducated majority is right, for a change.

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