remote commentary about beach boys, cheese and grannies

wow it is so hot out there…when I come back into the house I have to be careful not to move too quick so my body can acclimatise…inside the temperature does not rise over 25 degrees.
I did some cross stitching and writing outside…watching lots of happy people licking their ice cream (rather taming it)..the aging scent of grannies playing their boardgames in the library I smelled each time I walked past.

These days I learn to enjoy certain scents, like when I bend down too low on my writing desk then I smell its wood, sometimes I ”hug” my wardrobe to inhale the scent of its history. I even tried to smell Roquefort cheese through its plastic in the supermarket today – cheese and chocolate are the shelves where I spend five minutes not buying anything, only mentally going through their tastes.

It is still a weird fact I had to admit to myself: men half naked with a six pack do not attract me the slightest. An alien thing in the female world, I suspect, yet…true for me.

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