Standing still, and feeling

This is not a coincidence, or a conclusion, merely a reflection of the beginning.
Strange how one can put a date to the beginning but not look far beyond what may follow. Perhaps it’s the couple of days before the winter solstice when your mind winds down, to the point of complete stand still.
An absolute clarity which once I found only in the cold, now discovered in the darkness.
Times of near-stillness are equally important as when we walk or run, for achievement, life or joy.

It really all began with Swan Lake.
A sad performance with actors out of synch, music left blank and a stage clearly untouched by imagination. The first time when I nearly walked out a play in the first five minutes, instead I sat through the misery, drawing inwards. My mind had other lessons to contemplate.
In the days following, I noticed the crows for the first time, at times only the couple frequenting the woods behind the house, on a Friday morning large groups would gather on the oak by the gates. Something was changing in front of my eyes, and it did not take very long to notice the transformation inside.

‘Perhaps we become conditioned by our human journey, but stripping back and becoming aware of that conditioning is the catalyst to who we are beyond the human condition…the pure, unconditioned consciousness from which all form arises – the unborn, the unmanifested from which we are born out of and inevitably return to.’

Whatever thoughts arise out of the desire for unconditioned consciousness, my human experience with the complete absence of fear has intensified all facets in feeling.
Now something strange happens when you are not afraid of the path ahead, you become more curious, observe what you find by the wayside, learn to accept, even down to Don’t misunderstand intelligence for love.
You strikingly learn to enjoy every moment, on your own or with the strangers one meets along the way.

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