The Day I let go…

…or I embrace BE

Love is need huh.
Then it clicked.
Mentally, I curtsied and left the room with steady feet or the certainty that nothing can be undone.

Some songs are just composed in a way that every single word of the lyrics are so inconceivably distant, they must be fake – or at least definitive lies.
Let’s listen to this one from the movie Mirror Mirror, I believe (in love) – the brackets are great, aren’t they!

We have seen me happy with loneliness. The next phase has been reached. This one will last for a while, I am sure.
It is the embrace of being.
Not merely accepting my breasts or my patchy perception. It is beyond embracing myself.

The book made me read this: “women see the relationships between objects whereas men only see objects themselves.” I wont dispute the truth here, instead I work with it. Neither of the two approaches shows perfection.
Creation however is perfect… – the artist her/himself is not however.
Artists always combine the two ways of seeing. Female and male* unite…struggle for balance… and this struggle is what you see on the page.

Creation: the mental processing of outside influences with a particular perception. All leads back to the brain!

*The female and male here constitutes the two opposites to be found everywhere in nature.

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