The loner gene and the question of origin

I felt like some out-of-mind psycho…had a walk and got such a shock each time someone came around a corner…my mind was somewhere far away

and I just found a song explaining things quite well

Eels – Ugly love

Sometimes – now and then – we remember every single word of a conversation…of this soul…and then one day you decide he is perfect…and then all carries on in your head…without someone else speaking…
it works like religion…you wish for something…and after some time it simply must be real otherwise others are just wrong…
guess things like that only happen after a very, very long time being alone…or you are simply someone with the loner gene.

Under shower …when I saw letters drop in slow motion…
I wondered what was there first: poetry or music?
Did we always sing with words or did we first have to know how to speak?

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