The warmer

The weather has turned for a warmer direction once again. Lying by the beach today, reading ”Drawing on the right side of the brain”, occasionally watching the clouds pass.
I felt watched by the rusty ship resting too close to the coast, ever turning with the wind.
My desires can be found in different perceptions today though…perception, yes, that is what develops with my newly acquired happiness.

Being told that he loves me…many times a day is a novelty to me and…this time love does not make me blind…au contrair (gosh, once and only ever French) he makes me see very clear…I see edges, shapes, light and shadows and how every object interacts.I see that before I knew him I was blind to the beauty of the world.

Maybe you noticed I took up photography again. Although a small pink digital cam isn’t truly helpful…my shots become more pleasing to me. Fine art is a liberation to me, and so is my fine artist!

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