Victims But No Victims

What if victims don’t want to be victims? What if they want to abuse their abuser – just hadn’t had the chance before.
I was surprised to find Caravaggio behind Da Vinci’s ‘Foetus in the womb’.
Perhaps the Guardian simply proves an ancient tradition: only one word divides us, the line between birth and bones.

In my mind I asked him many times:
“Have you ever been possessed by someone or something,”
I have to add, his answer would express as much surprise as my moments with Caravaggio before writing this piece.

There is not even a lush membrane between possession and obsession, is there?

It took 146 pages, three weeks and many cups of tea for me to see that I may wear new dresses but some solid core of my soul never changes – although I know I am somehow lost in something when I cannot separate Pink Floyd from Dio.


  1. Anonymous

    The only reason I'm at this blog is for its entertainment value. That's why you have it going right?
    Lonely ? Some people try to erase the lines drawn; but you keep creating new ones. Therefore, don't wonder why and our bemoan your current lonely status.

  2. Oh is that so?…that I create new lines. Perhaps the lines are there already, as you yourself said, erased by others, and all I do is making them visible once again. I am aware of the pain caused by this but I also see the potential healing process. It's a chance, not another wall.

    My answer may give you an idea of what I may answer to your first question. Entertainment is a rather subjective kind of thing. You are free to think what you like. Use your imagination.

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