What follows is a line up of real events…

A trip through the country? Why not.

In a country town one finds the funniest things to observe…Thursday evening. A man photographing his pot lily (purple) which he placed on the only grave in the park-like church yard of St Michael’s.
Of course, it seemed absurd that he did not actually take pictures of the many beautiful flowers around him, reddish roses, yellow willows and purple lilies.

His presence was nothing unusual.

And other times we might have wondered if really thousands of starfish washed up ashore due to the weather, or the sewage cock-up a few miles North. All I know is that a starfish in the sun is not smelling or hard anymore.

That is nothing against the many shipping vessels South of Dover’s cliffs going up and down the channel, blaming the European parliament for every cloud in the sky… or how would you like to stand in the post office queue and be served by a middle aged woman in a Cinderella dress.
Customer sanity. We sell it for marketing purposes.

I got to say it: And you thought I was mad!

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