When colours dry

Nervous, although I have nothing to loose.

I had cornflakes for breakfast which I usually don’t do (my stomach just cannot digest the milk properly at that time of the day)…but I needed the nuts and will have an unusual morning shower – two ”don’t do’s” make..”I do it anyway today.”
While munching the milk-softened flakes, I scan through paintings by American Aron Wiesenfeld.

I do not only understand this picture because of its content – besides: I read yesterday or so Russia decided to block suicide websites (as if…….!) – …..the colours, the tree and the way the snow rests on the branches just like light…it reminds me of some paintings I have seen before…of one special forest…full of vampires, blood in the snow, other creatures and very little hope (no, that’s not my adaptation of Twilight). 
What it is…….is a memory now.

The entire art scene is a memory to me now, knowing the brushes and acrylic colours I got with so much excitement a few weeks ago will dry out.

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