What if everyone had a fate, like Merlin to protect Arthur and help to build the kingdom of Albion.
What if Avalon was underneath our bed and a white dragon the strolling cat?

Sickening is the thought of the night.

Afternoon nap: three hours.

Is it true that after your first kiss with someone, the magic is actually lost forever?
Is that accountable for lust?

The queen’s steps weigh heavy in the air as she strides. She came to the thrown in her young years, scandalous without a king and yet being a child. No one would have thought so about a boy.
In winter, she sits high up in the tower to feel what it’s like being a prisoner; in summer, she sits under a half grown chestnut tree in wonderment about her own people’s joy.
When one day she was on her way through a bleak area of her kingdom, she came by a crow, sitting on the parted branches of a holly bush. Her carriage came to a halt and without setting a foot onto the spring grass, she spoke to it: ”My friend, what it takes for the crown, I shall retrieve my part from history. For only you know that I have a heart that desires, loves or bleeds.”

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