So, hope you liked the song angels…that song really got power and energy.
I just came back from dentist…my whole left face side is numb (nobody will notice as I anyway do not smile that much)
You know, there is something I really surprised myself with.
Some weeks ago I dreamed that I will lose one of my front teeth. And to me, teeth are a symbol of wealth and style. It would mean the end of social contact to me. (Well, and you know how hard I worked on social contact)
However, I went to dentist again after two years on Monday and he told me that I need a filling for a front tooth.
Okay, not the same as a loss but the usual coincidences happening with me.
Hmmm the rest of the happenings limit to my ”new style”, expressing in fashion.
Do you actually have any idea how difficult it is to put clothes together on yourself and create a lady style? And how much it costs?
It is just one month left for the past…

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