Waking up early has two clear disadvantages: there was so little night for sleep and much too much of a boring day ahead.
I am hanging around this place.
The town centre, went shopping but before had a coffee.
Stayed in the book shop for a while…seeking new inspiration and as I feel the poking duty to read something more educated than shop broshures. I decided for two books…they seemed to be proper education. Yet, I did not buy them…they are much cheaper online…Although a book has a certain value.
Lately I think a lot about what I want to achieve in life, in the literary world…choose whatever you see as appropriate. I just do not have a plan yet how to get where I want to…I suppose it comes with time.
Listening to Gigi D’Agostino’s Bla Bla I remember the word ”dissociative”…though the music video I would rather describe as ”psychedelic”.

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