Well, what’s up?
The latest madness.
On Monday night I dreamed I torture myself and commit suicide with a phone cable.
On Tuesday night I dreamed of the dark spirit I saw last time when I was fourteen.
And obviously that spirit was also present when I went to library by bus. After one stop an older couple wanted to step in, the bus driver did not even bother to help them and it bothered me that it all took so long although I have the time of the world.The end of all the scenery was..the old lady, who felt more ashamed than pain, broke her leg…the bone peeked through her thin skin and the blood staines on the floor excited me. I suppose that is why only me and another woman stayed in the bus until emergency came. Did you know that dried blood looks like cherry yoghurt?
Last night I can’t remember any of my dreams but in the afternoon I broke my glasses when I fell from a chair.
So, I walk around mostly blinded, reliance on my ears. This way I can enjoy music much more.

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