56 Shades of Morning

There we have it!

In the midst of the Scotland Independence question (Independence Day, planned: 24th March 2016), BBC2 news on the radio at ten, meanwhile I scrub my naturally neat toilet, and wonder how inventive the desperate can be, like Climate Change Asylum seekers in New Zealand where the High Court rejected a bid by a man from a pacific island (average sea level: 2m) to stay in the country as climate-change refugee. This argument might hit home in a few decades time but for now they let disaster strike first, pay out after prevention and let the minority drown in paradise.

Another minority… the French… well, French pharmacists who realised that the morning-after pill doesn’t work for overweight women. Hmmm I don’t know about French women (or, dare we say even the Americans) but the study strongly assumes that the emergency contraceptive is ineffective for women up from 80kg (where exactly is 80kg part of obesity!?). A look at the scientific reasons is surprisingly similar to the reasoning when one of my doctors found a weird dark spot in my liver on a screen, saying it could be cancer. Besides, that I had to run all around to let it check (negative, only fat in my liver, Thanks for that), all I was pleased about was that my kidneys were fine.
Anyway, in overweight women the drug apparently is absorbed by fat more quickly and therefore cannot prevent ovulation quick enough. Some say it’s abortion… pharmacy businesses invest in more research to create a morning-after pill for one month after ‘the accident’.

Good Luck Ison!
I hope you will survive the encounter with the sun and become part of the mass of lighta on our morning sky for the next two weeks.

Evening tea: Orange Cinnamon

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