My German word of the day: Unsterblichkeitstod.
Picked from a book with a German title in an English speaking bookshop, with the subtitle ‘German words that describe emotions’.
Death indeed is very much an emotion – actually it is more something like de-motion (if this literary joke is allowed).
It strikes me as odd that a number dares to explain all theorems around nature, yet one word can never be wrapped up in a universe (perhaps the word ”universe” itself which is so broad that we cannot fathom it; which makes it all an abstract concept once again).
But what was I looking for in here again…
…after I left work, peeked through the cafe window where my coffee boy turns around to serve customers, just started his shift.
Then some form of hesitation, where you don’t realise what exactly it is that slows down – You or Time itself.
Completely lost, my eyes hang onto the book ‘Serving the Reich’, my thoughts of the boy cling to the hard edges of a twisted swastika.
At the cafe this morning they talked about immigration law, as if I could care about the Polish and while someone asked me of my opinion I thought I would clear up with the idea that Germany is free of racism. Easy enough to disprove.
That was my morning. I couldn’t stomach frustration, in particular not mine, thus I didn’t even bother. Sometimes it is healthier not to feel a particular emotion.
We live in a society directed by painless anti-action, and boy, they go to great length of achieving what they don’t want. Good example, a comment in the Guardian a couple of days ago: a lady who wanted a child and paid a fortune to not have one, only to learn that she actually doesn’t want a child.
Desperation can get you only so far. The non-fertilised egg in her which didn’t get the chance should count itself more than lucky.
That’s where my thoughts come to a halt. One last glance at ‘How to make a zombie’. Something in me grins, a cat… making a quantum leap.

And here some advice for single men who plan on going to films about the sexual awakening of a teenage girl (quite a recurrent theme in cinemas at the moment), for example Blue is the warmest colour or Jeune et Jolie. I planned on watching both (but surely will follow the advice on a first date!).

Some other peculiar facts from this week:

In the US, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are coinciding this year for the first time since 1888. The Guardian dubbed it famously Thanksgivukkah.

There is only one town in the UK which name ends in an exclamation mark. Named after the title of a novel, some clever men decided it could be a great entry into tourism. 
Who else is excited about knowing this? Westward Ho!

I found the perfect Christmas present for my father. I spotted it at M&S today (after I spent half the week already reading through reviews of Scotch and Irish whiskey – most amazing experience, the reviews…and the drink). A bottle of Irish whiskey with the very suitable label ”Writer’s Tears”. Despite that nobody will understand the meaning running deep, no gift could ever be so ideal, in the light of our family history. 

Oh, and as last, don’t forget: The word of the year – Selfie

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