A future that has never been

Good afternoon Angels

I hope it is not yet too late to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

I, personally, had a very quiet Christmas, no fuss, no argues and yet always people around me; ah, and not to forget all the food. 
The hardest task was today: going to the dementia home where my granny currently lives. 
I hadn’t seen her for a whole year.
And, what frightened me most, actually was not that she was locked up or that there were lots of freaky psychopaths there (that part actually felt like coming home), No, the worst was when I looked out the window thinking that without realising already very early in life that I need to control myself, my needs, deeds and words, I would have ended up in such a place too.
That thought alone truly freaked me.
While my parents made jokes with my granny – they already learned to live with the situation – my thoughts faded through the urine smelly corridors….into another life…into another world where the most intelligent people are locked behind glass doors because they are a risk for themselves and society.

It takes more than a few people to understand…we don’t need to fear psychopaths, only our lack of understanding them.

At the moment, my family has gone for a walk, so I am alone…alone with the silence and with a future that has never been.

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