A typical Me-Moment

Oh, I know I am such a terrible party pooper!

But really, I enjoy it, I enjoy being alone, at half past 10 pm, on the last day of the year.

How it happened?

Ah, my mother wanted to go out with me, my brother is with his friends and my father working until 10 pm. So, I dressed up in my green dress, white tights and a white jumper and we went to this restaurant. Gosh, we paid a fortune for the ticket to get in.

The thing is…I couldn’t understand a single word because the music was so loud, and I could barely breathe because Germany is still too lame to actually press through an anti-smoking law.

Of course, we will see for how long my mother will hate me for getting up straight after the dinner they served and waiting in the downstairs room, until she planned to pick up my father from home. So, now they just left, he taking my seat, and me having a hot bath, then in my pyjamas, with a glass of wine, a good book and purring Gonzo (our cat) on my lap.

Now tell me, world, what is better than my current situation?

To be fair, I shouldn’t have tried being normal…and while preparing my cosy seat on the sofa, I think to myself: I doubt I would have been any different…even if I had different parents, or an all loving childhood, I would have never been an outgoing person with a mass of friends and dancing to the music in some wild moves.

Perhaps, that truly proves we have a soul.
With that thought I shall wish you all angels a Happy New Year, and may more wishes come true!

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