Fireworks and Nessie

Okay, as I have learned now…metaphorically I have such an intense and deep aura that I am the Loch Ness monster and re-wrapping 200 tea bags takes about half an hour. So, they fit in my bag on Friday.

Thoughts are scarce today, perhaps it is better we wait for time to pass…until tomorrow at last.

People are always shocked when they realize I am actually the person that I appear to be here on my blog. 
Ah, I admit, it can be rather devastating knowing you will be alone, regardless of people looking at you as if you are an alien or a monster.
But, hey, I don’t mean physical appearance here (yes, pride and ego, have your say too!)
Some souls just are so broad, they cannot be satisfied with a few words, or even with something as pathetic as lust (I hear the quiet uproar in the back seats. Oh, my male readers).

More of my fireworks shots (although the one at the top is already the best) you can find in my new photo album here. 

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