Why is it not a man?

There are particular moments when you don’t understand why any other creature on earth has more fun than you.
So, it happened this evening, before my flight back home tomorrow.
Gonzo was rather strange already this morning, before I went to massage. 
I let him into my room while I got dressed and he started behaving pretty weird…jumping on my bed, ”cuddling” the blanket when I stopped stroking him and he didn’t want to be touched in that moment.
I only realized now…with a big ”aaaaaaaha” what he actually was doing. 
Of course, every man would have understood it much quicker!
He did exactly the same now on my bed…when I stopped stroking him, he rubbed himself on the blanket….
And, yes, I cannot believe that a cat is masturbating on MY bed, after a few soft strokes from me.
That is just surreal!
Only because I am weird anyway, I wondered for a second if he…..actually finds me attractive…urghhh that is too bizarre, even for me.
And, No, I don’t know if he had……..an orgasm…..nothing on the bed….a little less human, it seemed, was the part when he actually licked his bottom afterwards.
But, I suppose, there must be a reason why he is still lying by my side now.
Anyway, I shall do what a good woman does with every male who just comes to lie in her bed. 
Kick him out.

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