After all, I am a dark copy of a human.

There will never be a happy end!…is what I told my brother on Monday.
I were frustrated all week anyway, which isn’t a reason for anything.
I feel like I did a lot of nothing…the poetry library was noisy cause it was children’s poetry reading day there…and this noise carried on all day…in Tate modern (how can anyone watch art with so much disturbing background?…)and surprisingly British museum was only crowded in the Egyptian area…the Roman area was rather quiet…one could even hear the water of the sample fountain.
Only my painful left knee bothered me more. I hoped it would stop but…with every step I aged one year! And do not ask about the stairs, please.
In the end I limped to buy some chocolate (to sooth the pain later) and have a yummy mushroom pizza (with mozzarella).
In the train then I started listening to some music…thinking a lot…and when the song ”Need you now” by Lady Antebellum I almost started crying…
I realized exiles are different…living without a relationship was still bearable but living without any male contact…well, that’s quite tough…in many ways!
After all, I am a dark copy of a human.

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