The worst knee pains ever

As the rain was just too heavy and lasting all yesterday, I couldnt travel but the more beautiful it was today…sunny and over 10 degrees (cold and minus ten degrees in Germany yay).
The castle and cathedral of Rochester were quite interesting, though nothing that I haven’t seen before. After some hours walking my knee became so painful I had to stop often…which wasn’t too bad when I spent a whole hour in a shop full with antique books. I thought this is definitely paradise regained. After buying half the shop I carried on with the knee pain and a happy heart. There were quite many of these antique shops.
Next journey tomorrow is London…will surely try to do as many things as possible…I remembered I also wanted to go to the poetry library again for another anthology and to some art & craft shops for punch letters…
My brother is thinking of a new car and I am thinking of new punch letters (does this need any further comment!?…)
I will upload some pictures of Rochester now and wish you all a good night.

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