I slept until 11:14…finished my writing and then did some reading…occasionally books are enlightening…the book I read lately is…it gives me strength and…..believe it or not…it even explained why I was so terribly shocked by the idea of a probable pregnancy: a child would have threatened my staying in England….like in the book I love the land more than a child (at this very moment).
With this strength, knowing that I would always love my child when I can secure our well being here, I walked lightly to the supermarket to buy some chocolate, ice cream and grapes. Equally light my feet carried me home.

And after putting the laundry on the hanger I shall carry on with my jigsaw puzzle…
My hands tremble with enlightenment but I shall dwell in this love…in the sun shining through my living room now.

(Note: this whole event coincided with the end of my menstruation for this month….how much does a man love you when he knows your menstruation cycle?)

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