Writing a blog is like sitting in a glass box in the middle of Hamburg’s red light district, typing a letter on a typewriter, to a weird professor who does field research on the orgasm of female mice that are born under pine trees in Argentina every last week of January.
Wer geboren werden will muss eine Welt zerstören. (Hermann Hesse)
I have kissed enough frogs for the next years…kissed one frog more than six times. Nothing ever happened, so I shall stay to myself in a glass room. 
I always had a fascination for wet water animals…still….at some point you realize you had enough of that in your bed.
That is when you want warm soft skin – sorry, toads, I’m sure you find your true love. Ignorant to lie with you, fertile enough to give what evolution demands.
My evolution has higher demands of me.
(Note: ”I am fully aware of the increasing use of sexually related themes”, says a voice in search for her own womanhood.) 

Demands of this morning: cornflakes.

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