Ars Vivendi – Ars Poetica

Right now it all did not seem so hard…to give away all my things to my parents and other people.
Or I feel so empty; I emptied myself for self-protection.
And suddenly I understand why people over thirty are frustrated with their lives, gave up on any change; with every person they meet they become less sensitive for emotions, actions and adventures.
Well, I knew that before but I guess it was a few days back when I also felt it myself (and I am only twenty two!)
All day I ate mostly Chinese today and now my fortune cookie says: Next month you are going to have less responsibilities.
Who anyway trusts a fortune cookie…
My room is empty now; and equally dirty…not that I did not clean it for long, I just wanted to wait for tomorrow; the final clean.
In fact Monday I erased from my plans…
My time reckoning continues again on miserable Tuesday morning.
Cheerz Angelz

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