There are these days when you realize you are a capricorn, not a unicorn.
Get a coffee and listen some hard rock.
Your thoughts don’t end at the horizone.
I were indignant at my mother saying that our new cat – with the melodic name ”Tapanga” (my African choice) – will become like Lucky. She truly got no right to say this…just because she got some new toys to cover up her pain.
Last night I decided to write something about Gaia – the Greek goddess of Earth…personifying Mother Nature. I think I were around 10 years old when I heard of her for the first time. Hmmm must be the first goddess I got to know in my life…not personally…other Greek gods like Zeus, Aphrodite or Hephaestus I read about the age of 14. (In Italy I made a picture of an amazing statue of Hephaestus – and again I was ashamed ”my” family did not know about him, though I do not really expect everyone to know about the most important Greek gods)
However, actually it is no big deal how I learned about her. But don’t laugh: I watched lots of animation movies in the 90’s and, of course, also The Turtles (honestly, the movie was nothing compared to the daily series of animation). In some of the series they were supported by Gaia.
I have to read more about her, not to relive the old lazy tv watching times, but to understand nature (just see on wikipedia her parents are Chaos (surprise!!)).
What shall I do with all my spare time…now I see.

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