Biloquism hmmm

I fully agree with Jason Mraz: ”It’s your god forsaken right to be loved.”

After 12 hours in the office yesterday and 16 working days, I enjoyed the sun above Dover port today. As I gazed up to the castle and across the channel in search of the French coast, my brain waves flexed a little.
I didn’t even notice the time that has gone by…mainly because I love my work…and even on the weekends no creature waits for my return home.
The rest of the morning led me through different book shops…a book with the title ”Information is beautiful” had me in its mental arms (it taught me, for example, that the average IQ of a visual artist is 120…and, yes, who would have believed that Shakira’s IQ is 140! – great trivia). It is sure on my list for next book orders.
I stopped by a recipe book for Moroccan food (we had really delicious Moroccan food in Amsterdam, absolutely worth trying, also for veggies) and the book ”Are you ready for the average American male?” I only noticed yet didn’t touch at all.
Ah, now you wonder which book I call mine now. As often these days the cheap shelves caught my attention…for a mental study: what kinds of books end up for sale…and why?
And, I can tell you it is not always the housewife trash or cheesy love stories that half of womankind already experienced.
In the end, I bought the most eloquent looking and written book on the shelf ”Wieland and Memoirs of Carwin the Biloquist”.
Yes, even against my great dislike of Penguin editions.
The man behind the counter tried to flirt with me…the shadows of his face covered the two figures on the book…I didn’t let him…I had too many dreams last night.

We artist are only born into our time…

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